Lighthouse Tour

Weekend Escape


It's been years since Kim and I spent any time in Michigan, so we decided it would be a perfect Labor Day weekend get-away for us.



Just to give a goal to our meanderings, we decided to try to see (and photograph!) as many lighthouses along Lake Michigan's eastern shore as we could.  More about the lighthouse tour in tomorrow's post...



Windmill Island in Holland, Michigan...what a gorgeous day in a beautiful place!



The DeZwaan windmill is the only authentic working Dutch windmill in the US.  It was imported from the Netherlands and restored here.  Just beautiful...and still grinds grain!




A little Dutch wooden-shoe dancing...



We enjoyed walking around the island and seeing and hearing this Amsterdam street organ...




...and seeing the beautiful flower gardens.



We had been to Holland years ago, when the children were very small. I don't remember much of that visit at all...I think I was in survivor mode for a few of those years.



After meandering our way up the lake coastline, we landed at our resting spot for a couple of nights, a beautiful bed-and-breakfast, the Ludington House in, you guessed it, Ludington, Michigan.






It was a gorgeous historic home, built in 1878 by a descendant of the famous explorer Jacques Cartier.



Ludington is a beautiful area, right on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. If someone had blind-folded me and plopped me down here, I may easily have thought I was on the ocean. Only that distinctive smell of the sea was missing...I do believe that would have given it away.  But lovely, nevertheless...

And a perfect place for our...

...weekend escape.





Beautiful, and so peaceful. I want to go there!

Terri Chapman

OMG Terry...this is my childhood vacation spot and my all time favorite place...Michigan's western shore and LUDINGTON!!! Our family has spend many a summer's at Ludington State Park camping, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful beaches and lighthouses Michigan has to offer.

I have always told people that is they didn't taste the salt water and just looked around they would think they were on the beaches of the ocean. And such beautiful sunsets to view there as well as the mighty passenger ferry leaving Ludington heading across the lake to Wisconsin (where all my relatives lived). The long street into town lined with the famous purple, white, and red petunias along the sides...and the famous "House of Flavors" ice cream made right there in the factory. Thanks for taking me back there today :)

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