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The Bell Bunch...and an Announcement



Our dear friends Dave and Jen Bell have been home these past few weeks, on furlough from their missionary home in Kenya.


When they haven't been on the road, sharing about and raising funds for their infant rescue ministry in Kenya, they've been staying at a friend's home just a few miles away from the cabin. Which has been very convenient, as we've begun a project together.

{Drum roll, please......}

I'm writing their memoir, sharing their journey from Indiana farm kids to Kenyan missionaries!

Yep, that's right.  My second book is in the works...and I'm so excited to really get going on it!!! I've written the first couple of chapters and this is going to be so much fun! So while the Bells are home, we've met together several times so I can interview them and get as much information as I can before they head back to Africa next week.

It's tough to do personal interviews when you're separated by 8000 miles...



Last night was our final interview, and I wanted to recreate a photo I took of them two years ago.

Selah is now 4 years old and Ethan is 5 1/2...I won't tell you how old Jen and Dave are, but you can read about it in the book!



This was taken in June 2013...Selah was almost 2 and Ethan 3 1/2.  My, how fast children do grow!



Sometimes Mommy and Daddy have to steal a little sugar to get the kids smiling!



I've so enjoyed our interview sessions together...they've got quite a story to tell, and I'm excited to help them share their inspirational story with the world.

The book has yet to be titled, but you can be sure I'll keep you posted!

So that's the latest on the Bell bunch...and our big announcement!




Chris Loehmer Kincaid

How exciting! I can't wait to read it!


oh noooooooooo, I just wrote a comment and then hit the wrong button, so here it goes again
I know this will be a great book, I have always wondered how someone could leave their home, friends, snd family to go so far away from their normal,to share their love with others .I also know it will be a great book written by a great lady, we have so enjoyed our adventure with Terry, and are so greatful that Winnies story will be for family and friends to enjoy. she was a God send to our family, I always loved Terry but now I love her more, got to know her better when she was intereiwing Winnie, she is a great lady and author. love her much. julie and winnie

Kathy Hutson

Yayyyyyyy!!! Can't wait to read another Terry Gray biography! You have a way with words that makes it hard to put the book down. And you have another AWESOME topic!!

Kennetha Watts

I am so excited to get a peek into their amazing lives! I missed their huge transition...they were back in Hagerstown one year and off to Africa the next! Anxious to read of their adventures! May God smile on them as they pursue their life's mission and you as you share it with the rest of us!

Linda Davis

couldn't be a better family to write about - God is good!

Terri Chapman

Awesome news...and you are such a great story teller!! God Blessed you with a wonderful talent to share with the world:)

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