Run Karter, RUN!
The Bell Bunch...and an Announcement

Fans in the Stands


Lest you think all the action is out on the football field, there is plenty going on in and around the stands.


This is the one-and-only photo I have of Kaden from Saturday, as he was busy playing his own football game with his little friends behind the bleachers.  He only came in at halftime for, you guessed it, a visit to the all-important concession stand.

The highlight of the games for all the kids who have to go watch their siblings play....



Princess Kassie waves to her adoring subjects.  "I'm here!" she says.  Love her!



Sister Kelsey is not so cooperative when Gramaw wants to take a picture.  Love her wild, independent little soul!!!


Kaskel-3 Kaskel-4


The much-anticipated trip to the concession stand ended up with Kassie pouting. Apparently, even though against Mommy Dana's advice she chose something else, she REALLY wanted a sucker...



...just like Kelsey has.  And Kelsey certainly enjoyed flaunting it in front of her.

Luckily Dana had a bag of goldfish crackers to save the morning!




And once again...Kassie loves the camera and Kelsey is having nothing to do with it!  I wonder where she gets her defiant, stubborn ways???  Must be from her Papaw...



There's my sweet Kelsey-girl...



Kassie thinks those goldfish are finger-lickin' good!



Aunt Emmy and Uncle Zach were there to cheer Karter on...and play with the others!



The action isn't all football.  There's plenty of drama going on outside the field of play...

...with the fans in the stands.




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