Almost-Fall Around the Cabin
Brunch with My Besties

Eager Learners


When 4 of our grandkids came over to spend the night with Gramaw and Papaw, between plenty of playing spells there was also plenty of this.

All of them love to learn!



Karter (7) and Kaden (5) are both avid and excellent readers, both reading WAY above their grade levels.  I attribute much of that (besides the obvious fact that they inherited their Gramaw's high IQ....) to the fact that Kristoffer and Dana read to them LOTS when they were toddlers, instilling in them a love for books and an eagerness to learn.



While their brothers were reading, 2 1/2-year-old Kassie and Kelsey were puzzling.



Kelsey loves to challenge herself and picks puzzles that are on the more difficult side. Papaw helped her do this one once...



...and then she did it herself probably 10 times in a row!  Practice makes perfect!



Of course, they love for Papaw to read them a bedtime story (while Gramaw cleans up the bathtime mess!)...



Their love of knowledge has made them top students in school and will serve them well in the years to come.



I'm so grateful they are not only cute and charming, but also...

...eager learners.




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