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Checking In...


So...this weekend was packed full of activity and fun...and plumb wore this girl out (although I loved every minute of it!!!)!  And while it was TOTALLY WORTH IT, I couldn't get my sore bum going this morning early enough to put together a decent post.


But instead of making you all think I'd dropped off the earth, I thought I'd post a beautiful sky photo I took last week (love it when the clouds look like this!) and let you know that I'm doing pretty well, but the busy weekend took a toll on me.  

Even though getting to see all 7 of my grandchildren at once was better medicine than any chemo or radiation could ever be!  And a whole lot more fun too!!!

So I'm chilling out today to recoup some of my strength.

Be prepared for some adorable grandbabies' photos in the next day or so... 

The GREAT NEWS is...only 3 more radiation treatments and I'm finished with them!!!  And then I get 2 whole weeks off...no trips to Indy for 2 whole weeks! Boy, the plans I'm already making for those precious 14 days....

So you'd know I'm doing well and hanging tough, I thought I'd best at least be...

...checking in.






Terri Chapman

Awesome news...love ya :)

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