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As many of you know, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in May.  Since then, the weeks have been filled with medical tests, doctor's appointments, and lots of medicine...ugh.  All stuff I've never had to mess with much over my 58 years.

For those of you who may be wondering how things are going, I thought it was time for an update.



I've finished up Phase 1 (of 3) of my treatments...4 rounds of IV chemotheraphy.

Just after the chemo was over, my surgeon did another rectal scope (I'm getting very good at cleaning myself out!) and was very surprised and pleased with the findings.  His exact words were "Wow!  That's incredible progress!" which made me excited too!  The tumor has shrunk at least 80% after just those 4 treatments, apparently way above what was expected.

PRAISE GOD!!!  He is healing prayers are being answered!  All the doctors and drugs in the world are only methods of treatment...God is the Great Physician and Healer.  Praise be to HIM!!!



But 80% is not 100%, so there's more "killing" to do.  This week I've just begun Phase 2...28 daily doses of radiation along with daily oral chemo.

Here is the machine that does the "zapping."  I get 4 zaps every day (I can't feel a thing) aimed at my back side and pelvic area.  



I have to lie face down (with my head to the right) and my ankles on the blue supporter.  The worst part has been the claustrophobic feeling, like I can't breathe.  My mind knows there is plenty of air circulating under that gray foam support pad, but my body just doesn't like the closeness of it all. I just don't like the feeling that I'm suffocating, even when I'm clearly not.

The first time I went, I thought I was going to heart was pounding and I felt like I was gasping for air.  But I prayed my way through the panic and finally settled down, and the past couple of days I've felt much calmer.  I think my nerves and thoughts just got the best of me!



After they get me perfectly lined up, which takes a few minutes, the table I'm laying on moves up and forward, and this big old machine rotates as needed to zap me where I'm supposed to be zapped (I've got 4 X's on my back side!).  I can hear the machine and feel my bed moving, but that's it.

I've decided it's the perfect time to pray!  And that's how I get through it, lying perfectly still and either singing praise songs in my mind or praying.  The whole procedure only takes about 15 minutes.



So, every day Monday through Friday, I'm heading to the north side of Indianapolis, about a 45-minute drive for me.  It pretty much takes up my whole morning, which is annoying because I've got better things to do!

But you do what you gotta do, and right now this is what I have to do to get healthy.  

Today will be Radiation #4...only 24 more to go!  If everything goes as scheduled, my last radiation treatment will be October 1.

So there you have update on my treatments.  God is good and He is healing me, I just have to be patient and learn the lessons He has for me along the way.  But for the next 5 weeks, I'll spend my mornings...

...getting zapped.





Praise God, indeed, for the positive results! I do not envy your 45 minute drive to the northside one iota! I will continue to pray for you, adding safe travels as a request. Thanks for your update.


We are praying God's will is to heal you...will add calm for the clostrophobia too! We love you !

Thank you for the update!!

Martha Hershauer

We have some idea what you are going thru. Wishing you the best!

Teresa Riggs

So glad you are getting some good news. God is good. Prayers your way every day.

Terri Chapman

Praise be to God...for he is sooo good!!!

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