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Run Karter, RUN!

Fun Run in the SON 5K


No, I didn't run in it.

But I DID help organize our church's 5K which kicked off the Sulphur Springs Community Days Saturday morning events.



We had over 50 runners/walkers, not counting the probably 10 babies in strollers, that participated. My son Kristoffer, driving the Gator (with my grandsons Kaden and Karter riding in back), honked the horn to signal the start...



...and led the runners out.



Although it's a "fun run" with no prizes or official placings at the end, there are still many fierce competitors in the field who enjoy competing with each other and against their own best times.

Dylan, in the black shirt, is part of our church family and is a hard-core runner.  He ended up dominating the field this year, crossing the finish line nearly a minute ahead of anyone else.



But for most of the pack, it was purely a fun run...



...and walk.

Two of the nicest families you'll ever meet...the Fisher and the Ashton clans....enjoyed walking and talking the 3.1 miles.



Crazy Dave took up the rear position following the walkers...



...and they're off!



I went back into the church to finish up the paperwork and count money.  The 5K raised nearly $1000 for the community!!!

And Crazy Dave (he's not REALLY crazy, just wants everybody to think he is!) and his beautiful wife Rita came back after the race to help out.  Dave hates having his photo taken, but I'm pretty proud of myself for catching him unawares. Such a wonderful couple, and hard workers that will do anything for you.  Love them!

Until next August's edition...

...of the Fun Run in the SON 5K.




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