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Saturday Snapshots and Snippets

Beautiful Bugs


Seems like the butterflies have been more abundant this year than in previous summers. Just driving down the country roads, I see big butterflies fluttering in front of the car.



We've had several swallowtails hanging around the cabin. So gorgeous!



When you really start looking at the insect world, the variety and intricacy of their tiny bodies is incredible! Just another proof of our very creative Creator God!



Even ordinary butterflies and moths are extraordinary creatures!



These milkweed tiger moth caterpillars pretty much decimated this milkweed leaf, leaving only the bare stem behind.



Speaking of milkweed, more milkweed means more monarchs!  



While the adults (this one is getting pretty raggedy!) sip nectar,...



...they lay their eggs on milkweed plants, and the caterpillars munch on milkweed.



Kim and I rescued this monarch caterpillar after he had eaten all the leaves off a small milkweed plant at the cabin. We took him to our church garden, where there are many milkweed plants for him to munch on.

Yes, we rescue caterpillars...I know, we're weird like that......

We do love our beautiful bugs, but nothing compares...



Junihome-7 our precious Juni-bug, now 8 days old!

She's hands down the most beautiful of all the...

...beautiful bugs.



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