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Randomness Before I Leave


Move over, Captain of the Coral Princess...Abram (and 13 of the rest of us!) is ready to sail Alaska's Inside Passage!  But before we leave tomorrow, some random photos and thoughts from the past couple of weeks...



The annual House-Stockberger Reunion was just not the same this year without Dad there.  Despite the chilly day and several missing, we still had a fun time and lots of delicious food.  One thing about our family...we can flat-out cook!



Mama and her sweet little friend Jamie (he adores Mama!) and Jamie's daddy Josh...



Three of my favorite House women...Aunt Carla, Mama, and my seesta Barb!



Every time we see Uncle Jerry, he tells each of us we are his "second-favorite" niece.

Guess he just really doesn't want to hurt their feelings by saying that I am REALLY his favorite....



Those of you driving by the cabin may wonder about the white periscope in ours/Farmer JB's cornfield.  I had Kim put it out there because I was totally amazed at how fast the corn was growing about 2 weeks ago and wanted to document it.



We actually missed some of the fastest-growing days before we decided to start measuring, but beginning June 24 the corn was growing at least 3" those first few days and then it "slowed down" to about 2" per day.  I measured until I could no longer reach to make the mark.  And now the corn has almost reached the top of the PVC pipe.

Big, tall corn!!!



From my kitchen window view, I watch him watch...



...the tiny little ruby-throated hummingbird sentry ruling over his domain and chasing away any intruders who dare to enter and even think about eating at "his" feeder...



Sunday afternoon I got to hang with Krew...



He loves his time with Gramaw, until Daddy comes home.

Daddy trumps Gramaw every time...just the way it's supposed to be!

Every time I watch Krew, I relive those years when Kamaron was Krew's age. Krew has much the same personality and acts so much like his daddy did...



I so wish Krew and company were going on vacation with us, but they've got more important things to tend to.  Like HAVING A NEW BABY in just 4 weeks!!!!  Sweet Baby Sister better stay put until Gramaw gets back home!


Coralprincess02So.... here we come, Coral Princess and ALASKA!

The ship will never be the same after the Gray bunch invades!


I'll catch you all in a couple of weeks, with lots of photos and stories from our family vacation from the top of the world!

Just had to share a little randomness before I leave...



Kathy Pressel

I hope you all have a wonderful trip; which I'm sure you will! Look forward to seeing your amazing photography and blog.


Have a great time!


Wishing you a glorious vacation with your family and a happy return to beautiful Indiana and your adorable cabin home!

Terri Chapman

And I too will be watching for all your beautiful pictures and stories from your trip. Now go have a terrific family vacation and enjoy God's beautiful state of Alaska he created!! :)

Love you all


Have a safe trip Gray family. Enjoy your time together. You are a great photographer and I can't wait to see pics.


Have a safe and great trip. Look forward to seeing all the pics of your adventure.

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