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Holiday Gray-Style


The Gray family celebrates holidays like no other family I know.  While others consider holidays to be "free days" to relax and do extra fun things, the Gray bunch (led by work-maniac-patriarch Kim Gray) spends most holidays doing un-fun things.



Our Fourth of July was spent picking, snapping, and canning green beans.

Yes, we sure do KNOW how to have a GOOD TIME!




Kristoffer (who is more sensible in the holiday celebration category than his dad...) and Dana did take their children to the Fourth of July parade, and afterwards headed up to the cabin porch for an afternoon of bean-snapping, where Emily joined us as well for the "festivities."



The boys took a little break to inventory their parade candy...and share some choice pieces with Gramaw and Aunt Emmy.



Kaden is not much of a worker bee...he'd much rather be playing!  But Aunt Emmy did get him to break a few beans for her, for a few minutes...



Kassie was a good little bean supplier, refilling our beans as needed.

Yes, that is my man's dirty foot in the background.  He did all of the picking this year...3 bushels, and there are still more in the garden.



Kelsey helped break a few beans herself...



...but mostly the girls just kept us entertained with their cuteness!



Kelsey with her parade candy stash...



...and Kassie just being her sweet blue-eyed beautiful self!



The end result after a 10-hour day in the kitchen yesterday...72 pints and 14 quarts of green beans to see us through the winter.

Yep, we sure do know how to celebrate!  But, as Kim reminded me, it used to be worse...when the kids were younger, we always killed chickens over the Fourth of July.  It's how we roll... Gray-style.



Kathy Pressel

I definitely remember when the holiday was spent killing chickens! Emily begged to spend the night with Suzanne and she was told, No, you know this is chicken killing and cleaning time!" I've always thought she hoped she could wiggle out of it for one year!! You Gray's do have your family traditions and there's not a thing wrong with that!👍


Wow! Wish my bean canning were behind me! As it is, I've only put up one canner. We picked a little over a bushel tonight and have them spread on the basement floor to dry a bit. Tomorrow I'll be snapping and canning. There are three more rows out there needing attention.


I remember hearing about the chicken killing stories at school. So funny especially Kyler telling them. Love the Gray family.

Terri Chapman

Wow...that is a lot of beautiful green beans!! And the girls look precious as always!

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