Traumatic Thursday
Double Celebration

Two Beginnings


Last Friday marked two very special beginnings for Dad and me.

He began his eternal life in Heaven and I began my journey to become cancer-free.


I'm about over the gloomy posts, and I'm sure you are too.  But I thought you might be curious about my own health shenanigans, so humor me with just one more post before we move on to more fun, happier topics next week.



Dad's Beginning:

Dad passed quietly and peacefully early that Friday morning, as Mama and my sister Barb were praying over him.  They asked God to let that very breath be Dad's last one, and God in His great mercy delivered a MIRACLE right there, on the spot!  I wish I'd have been there to witness it, but I'm so glad the two of them were there together to hold Dad's hands as he met Jesus that morning!

Dad's final services were absolutely wonderful! I couldn't have been more pleased at the way things came together.

We estimated over 300 people came through during the visitation time.  So much love and support!  We were overwhelmed!!!  And Mama was truly amazing, she held up better than the rest of us.

The funeral was held at White Branch Church of the Brethren, the same church where Dad grew up, where I grew up and was married, surrounded by family and friends we have known forever.  I and each of my siblings shared and several people from the audience also shared wonderful thoughts and memories of an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind man.  There was lots of laughter as well as tears.  Dad would have been amazed and so very proud!

Emily put together a fantastic music video in his tribute that we played at the very end of the funeral service.  If you've got 3 minutes, click here to see and hear it.  I LOVE the message!



My Beginning:


I'm not used to being my 58 years, the only time I've been hospitalized is when I had my four babies a "few" years ago.  And I still don't "feel" sick, even though the tests and doctors say otherwise.



So Friday afternoon, they hooked me up to my first round of chemo...




...which made me have to pee a lot over the next few hours.  I had to take my companion with me to the bathroom!



After about 6 hours, they were ready to send me home with my own fanny pack of chemo.  The treatments I am getting take 46 hours to diffuse slowly into my body, so I get to carry Fanny around with me for a couple of days.

Good thing I have a substantial fanny to handle it!  God knew I'd need that sometime!



Kim has been my absolute rock through all of this.  He's rearranged and rearranged his schedule with nary a complaint to accommodate my many medical appointments.  Neither of us are very patient with sick people, so I understand how this is a big challenge for him as well as for me.  We shall get through this together!

My very traumatic Thursday was followed by a Friday of...

...two beginnings.




I pray you will always find the silver lining throughout this journey. It helps to see you smile. On the other hand, do not feel as though you have to remain on a pedestal for all of us! It is ok to grumble, hurt, and just feel downright puny, and complain to us.

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