The Boxer, Part 1: Golden Gloves Beginning
The Boxer, Part 3: Surprise Chat with President Eisenhower

The Boxer, Part 2: Marine Corps Champion

(As we celebrate Dad's life the next few days, I am re-posting this interview I did with him 6 years ago when dementia was beginning to get a grip on him.  I did not want these stories to be lost!  Enjoy!)

originally posted January 31, 2009


It's been 55 years since Dad wore this boxing robe.  I can just imagine him prancing into the boxing ring, bouncing around punching the air, ready to rumble!




How I wish we had video footage to see Dad, aka Buddy Rough-House, in action!  Knowing his fiercely competitive spirit and rock-solid determination (if you want to know where my children go those traits, look no further!), he was surely an intimidating and imposing fighter!



Continuing our reminiscing session, Dad reflected on his years in the United States Marine Corps.  In so many ways, the Marines shaped Dad into the person he is today.



Besides the obvious lessons that being a Marine taught him, it was also during that time that he met Mama while stationed at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.  His face lit up as he recalled the circumstances of attending her high school graduation in 1954.

This video segment is longer (9:49), but I think you'll enjoy hearing Dad tell his tales...and Mama get in on the act at the end!






This is so fun to watch, and I just love your Mama.

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