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Saturday Snapshots and Snippets


Kenny Gray, my father-in-law, is the hardest working man I know, aside from my husband Kim.

The acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree.


Years ago he retired from his regular factory job, but people like Kenny just can't stop working.  At nearly 79 years old, Kenny is still working for the DNR, undoubtedly one of the best employees they have.  He says he's retiring when he turns 80...I'll believe it when I see it.....


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New babies on the Gray compound...5 little peachicks, hatched out by their surrogate Mama Hen.



Cute little peepers, arent' they?


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"Dear Ron, Clint, and Oprah,".....

When Hallmark's Hall of Fame sent me a rejection letter about turning "Unsinkable" into a movie (they are looking for "modern story lines with a holiday theme"...obviously neither apply to our book...), I was certainly not surprised nor daunted.

A few days later, I mailed out three more books to people who have the potential to get Winnie's story to a vast audience:  Ron Howard's production company Imagine Entertainment, Clint Eastwood's company Malpaso Productions, and Oprah.

Yesterday I received an email saying "Unsinkable" had been passed on to the readers at Malpaso. (No, the email wasn't from Clint...I'm not that tight with him...yet........).

Keeping our motion picture dream alive....


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I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to crochet these newborn boat booties for a new baby boy born recently.

I've known how to make crochet stitches for years, but reading the patterns has always been a challenge.  But if Mama has taught me anything, it's that if someone else can do it then I can surely figure out how to do something too.

I won't mention that I threw out 3 booties in various stages of completion on my quest for two keepable booties. Guess that's how we all learn, isn't it?


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Kaden and his little friend at the ballpark.  They went to preschool together.



She was clearly enamored by him and he was loving the attention...



Isn't that just the sweetest???

Go out and have yourselves a wonderful weekend!



Greg Overtoom

That's a great picture of Kenny!

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