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Memorable Pitching Debut


Measured in terms of wins and losses, Karter's first year in Minor League would be considered a dismal failure.


The Phillies were winless through the entire regular season.  There were a few close games and several games mercifully decided by the 10-run rule.  

Not one single win during the entire season.  

And they predictably lost their first game in the double-elimination tourney.

But it IS DOUBLE-elimination, and those boys (and coaches!) weren't ready to throw in the towel quite yet...



In what should could have been Karter's final baseball game of the season, the Phillies were clinging to a 3-run lead (which, as we all know, can disappear VERY QUICKLY on a Little League field) in the bottom of the last inning.

But the Phillies had used up all their regular pitchers' innings.  With a couple of boys on vacation, the coaches were definitely short-handed.

We couldn't believe it when we saw Karter, just a couple of days past his 7th birthday, walk out to the mound and start warming up!  Our little Karter!!!  

He'd never pitched in a game in his life.  And here they were, within 3 outs of winning the first game of the year in the losers' tourney bracket.  No pressure.  

No. Pressure. At. All.



Daddy/Coach Kristoffer could hardly even watch...but I truly think he and all of us were more nervous about the situation than Karter was.


Pitch-4 Pitch-5 Pitch-6

Karter was cool as a cucumber.

No, he didn't strike anyone out.  In fact, I think he actually only pitched one strike. But he was able to make it through the inning (thankfully, there are no walks in the league, so once a batter has 3 balls, the coach pitches to him).



Karter got the save....



....and the Phillies their very first win of the season!!!!!

Yes, it definitely was one Karter will look back on in 10 years or so...

...his memorable pitching debut.



Jim Brown

Congratulations, Karter, on your first of many wins to come in your young baseball career. I'm impressed with your "arm follow-thru". I, also, see there was a "Brown" on the team. Now, that's that is a REAL winner.

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