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Our darling 2 1/2-year-old twins Kassie and Kelsey are best friends. 

When they were babies, it was interesting to note how they didn't seem to interact much at all.  But as they've gotten older, despite their totally opposite personalities, they stick together...and if they aren't side by side, one is always keeping tabs on where her sister is.


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The Boxer, Part 3: Surprise Chat with President Eisenhower

(As we celebrate Dad's life the next few days, I am re-posting this interview I did with him 6 years ago when dementia was beginning to get a grip on him.  I did not want these stories to be lost!  Enjoy!)

originally posted February 2, 2009


If only these shoes could talk!  Dad wore these boxing shoes as he danced around the ring, delivering knock-out blows to many of his opponents.



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