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Newborn princess charlotte

google image...obviously I didn't take this!

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge was not the only newborn baby born this past Saturday.  



Miss Kitty had her babies too!

Four tiny little kittens, born in the ferns by Kristoffer and Dana's house.



We knew it wouldn't be long.  The past week the normally active, mouse-hunting Miss Kitty has been doing a lot of lounging in the sun with her big belly.



I'm pretty sure Kelsey probably triggered her into labor when she mauled played with her on Friday...



The word "gentle" is not in Kelsey's vocabulary.  Seriously, if I were Miss Kitty I would run for the hills when Kelsey comes around.  But she's surprisingly patient.



Four hungry little squirmers will keep Miss Kitty busy for awhile.



England may have Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte, but here on the Gray compound...

...we've got our own newborns.



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