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Chickadee Chicks


image borrowed via google from http://jeanmackayart.com/tag/black-capped-chickadee

Black-capped chickadees are one of my favorite backyard birds to watch. They are very quick and busy little critters, clinging to the sides of trees and even hanging upside down to grab a birdseed snack.




Kim found a couple of hatchlings that were just learning to fly huddled in the grass next to the trunk of a big old maple tree in our yard.



Mama Chickadee was nearby, watching us and calling to her chicks from up in the nearby trees.  We could hear her but she was hiding in the leaves and we never saw her.



The frightened babes tried to make their way up the tree trunk...an easy task for an adult chickadee, but a few feet up Baby Bird just couldn't hang on and kept fluttering back down into the grass below.



Tiny, beautiful little things...



I'm hoping Miss Kitty was too busy tending to her own babies to find the fledglings...I don't want to know if she did.  I prefer to believe that they survived and I'll see them soon flying effortlessly and hanging upside down on my backyard feeders.



Aren't they just adorable?

Cute little...

...chickadee chicks.



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