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Busy Memorial Day Weekend


Wowzie...finally a day of rest after a crazy-busy holiday weekend!

In no particular order (I've forgotten that by now!), here's what my weekend looked like...

...the twins slept over at the cabin and spent all Sunday with us while the rest of their family went to the Indy 500 race.


Photo 1

Went with Mama to visit Dad.  He is rapidly sad to see him like this. He knew we were there, but wasn't able to even open his eyes to look at us.

But as we were sitting there with him, we did witness some humorous moments in the Alzheimer's home as the residents were a bit feisty and fussing with each other over nonsensical subjects, including some profanity and nasty name-calling. One fella was looking for his car, another lady wanted to know who had her money and kept trying to escape.  Thought a couple of the old demented men were going to duke it out right there in front of us, over something neither one of them had any clue about.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh to keep from crying...



Saturday evening we spent picnicking with those who camped out at the church...



No, Kim and I don't sleep in tents...but these fun girls do!  My daughters Dana and Emily (in the middle) with sweet friends Ginny and Leann...



My dear friend/boss/pastor CJ doing one thing he loves to do (don't we all?!)...



Got to spend time with grandson Krew twice...most of Friday and then Kim and I babysitted for him on Sunday evening.



Spent quite a bit of time with these goofballs who live next door....



...and all morning yesterday with this goofball, who lives under my roof!



47 chickens, killed and dressed "undressed"....



...and ready for the freezer before noon yesterday.

Yep, the Gray family knows how to PARTY on holidays!



Chicken feet and sundry recent years I have taken my brother-in-law Kent's advice and just whacked off the chicken butt instead of cleaning it. Because really, who eats the butt of a chicken?!  Life is too short to waste on defeathering chicken butts...



I'm ready for a calmer week...

...after a very busy Memorial Day weekend.



Phyllis Mattheis

We were at Mike's over Memorial Day to enjoy our three great grandchildren in Greenville, O. Saturday was so beautiful that I just sat on the porch most of the day reading your wonderful story of Winnie! I couldn't put it down. Now Jerry has started the book.
You are a wonderful writer! Such a great story! So glad I could be at Lumpy's! Thanks for taking the initiative to write Winnie's story. What a remarkable life.
I wish that I had asked if both his parents are gone and when they died. It's amazing that you wrote that book and got it published in just a few months.
So sorry to read in your blog of your dad's downhill journey. I always think of your mom as a bus driver at the same time we were. Tell them hello for us.
Best wishes....Phyllis and Jerry Mattheis

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