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Bring on Kindergarten!


Our super-sweet, human-calculator-smart, funny, mischievous, always-smiling 5-year-old grandson Kaden graduated from Pre-K Thursday evening.



In true Kado fashion, he had a big grin on his face as he filed in with his preschool classmates.



He was so proud we were there!  Daddy Kristoffer and Karter had to miss, since Karter had a baseball game.



His teacher, Miss Tammy, was also Karter's preschool teacher.   She's great with the little ones!



Always one to find humor in things, Kaden laughed with his friends at a technology "oops."



Kaden's afternoon class shared some songs with us...



Our sweet little singer!



Both morning and afternoon classes together....I wonder how many of these little girls will become some of Kaden's little girlfriends in a few years....



The performance ended with the children blowing kisses to their families!  So SWEET!!!



Receiving his "diploma" from Miss Tammy...


I wonder what she was saying to him.  Likely, she will never in her lifetime have a student like Kaden again...he really is THAT special, and everyone realizes it (says his proud Gramaw!)!


I've never seen a child that is always smiling, like our Kado is.

And my mind fast-forwards to 13 years from now, when I can totally picture him receiving his high school diploma with that same genuine ornery grin across his face!



Congratulations from Miss Patsy...



And he's officially a kindergartner!



He came back to sit with us and watched a video of the class activities and field trips from throughout the year.  That's our Kado!



If you look very closely at the left knee of his dress pants, you may or may not notice dirt and grass stain from the hour he was at Karter's game before the graduation.  This boy just does not know how to stop playing!  



Kaden's already reading chapter books and his math skills are better than most adults, so he's definitely ready for real school.  But is the school ready for our boy...?!

Bring on Kindergarten!



Kennetha Watts

He is obviously very special! What a great life he surely has ahead!

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