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Busy Memorial Day Weekend

Birthday Girl


Today I celebrate 58 years on this earth.

Such a BIG number...can I really be 58 already?



I've been watching old home movies all this week, working on a family movie project for an upcoming reunion.  I am so very grateful for my parents for documenting my life and the life of our family over those 58 years.  Those movies are treasures!

Watching those films, I wonder what happened to the little blond girl in those movies.  I still am that little girl, just living now in an "old" girl's body.  Oh yeah...and the blond hair I have now takes a lot more work than the blond hair on that cute little girl.  (Although Mama did like to put my hair in little rollers and even gave me a home permanent before I was two...) 



But what strikes me most and makes me ever-so-grateful is to realize how blessed I have been to be raised in such a fantastic family with parents who absolutely adored all of us children.  I can see the pride and joy in their eyes as they interacted with us so many years ago.  And they still love us so much and are so very proud of us now.



Thank you, God, for 58 wonderful years!

Yes, I am truly blessed today to be...

...the birthday girl.



Phyllis Mattheis

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Phyllis and Jerry!

Kennetha Watts

Didn't read this till today. What a fantastic family you had! Happy birthday and it was so uplifting to read this blog!


Happy Birthday!

Terri Chapman

"Happy Birthday" to a wonderful woman and friend!!


Happy Birthday momma...love you!

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