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Kim and I enjoyed one of our most unique Christmas gifts ever last weekend...tickets to a Murder Mystery dinner, "Greased at the Diner," compliments of our daughter Emily and Favorite-Son-in-Law Zach.


If we're to be totally honest here, I would say one of us was excited to go and one of us not-so-excited.  It was certainly out of our comfort zone, and Kim does not like to step out of his comfort zone, especially in the entertainment area.



It didn't help his mood when every single parking spot in beautiful, trendy downtown Zionsville was taken.  We found out later that it was Little League Opening Night, and the parking overflowed everywhere imaginable.

But we did find a space several blocks away and walked to Serenity, a quaint little house-turned-restaurant on Zionsville brick Main Street.



We were seated with four "lucky" young people who were, I'm sure, wondering who they were going to get stuck with at their table.  The couple in the back corner are Zionsville-ites and the other young couple were visiting college friends of theirs.

But they were very good sports and lots of fun, which in turn lightened Kim's spirits.  And by the end of the evening, we'd all had a very good time!

This was a whole new ballgame for us.  And I'll try to spare you too many details, but here's how it works.  Each person at the table was assigned a character, and one of those 6 characters is the murderer of the diner's owner, who (according to the police investigator) was found MURDERED right before we arrived.

Throughout the 5-course meal, the 6 of us engaged in dialogue using our scripts in front of us.  Of course, as in all good murder mysteries, all 6 of us had the motive and access to have performed the dastardly deed.  At the end of the meal, our table had to come to a consensus as to which of us was the murderer and enter our vote.  None of us, including (supposedly...although I question that...) the restaurant owner knew who was the killer.  

We were competing with the other 7 tables at Serenity as well as a pub in England that was acting out the very same play at the very same time as us, with periodic updates back and forth.



At one point during the meal, two characters were assigned to do a '50s-style dance, which was videotaped and sent to England for them to laugh at the crazy Americans.  Kim was the "chosen one," but by this time he had let down his defenses and was getting into the mystery story line.

This was one of my funnier moments of the evening!  The girl is pregnant, but she had to wear an apron as part of the story...they talked about doing a belly dance. Now THAT would have been HILARIOUS!!!



We found out mid-way through that one of the characters was a transvestite, and he had trouble sticking his fake mustache on top of his real one! 

He was pretty funny as it was, but not as funny as...



...the "transvestite" sitting at another table.  Isn't she/he cute?!



And, for those who are wondering, the food was pretty good too!

And no, we did not guess correctly.  But neither did the other 7 tables around us. So the English pub crowd won, where only 1 of their 10 tables correctly chose the killer.  Quite the mystery!

By the time the evening was over and we were walking those several blocks back to the car on a beautiful April evening, Kim and I were both laughing and Kim talked about many of the mystery "clues" and how they fit into the story the whole drive home.

Thanks, Emily and Zach, for a terrifically fun evening of...





So glad that you stepped out of your comfort zone and had a good time. Love this post!

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