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The Alamo, the River Walk, and "The Bachelorette"


Seems like a no-brainer that first-time visitors to the San Antonio area need to see a few of the classic tourist sites.  One day while Mark's family was doing their school thing, Mama and Emily and I spent the better part of a day strolling around downtown.


My son Kyler had warned me that The Alamo was underwhelming, and he was right.  It's a block right in the middle of downtown San Antonio.  I guess I've watched too many old-time's supposed to be surrounded by scrubby desert, not skyscrapers!



The good news is that it is free...if we'd had to pay for it, I would have REALLY been disappointed.



No photography was allowed inside the small mission structure, where some sort of weapons collection was on display.  Not of any interest to me.  At. All.  

And let me just say that I must not have paid much attention to that chapter in my American history class, so my knowledge of the Alamo is limited.  I probably should have done a little research before we went, but I think the good guys lost. (Didn't they???  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  I'm honestly not interested enough to look it up....)  I did watch enough TV as a child to know that Davy Crockett/aka Fess Parker (probably my first crush!) fought in the Battle of the Alamo.

But I did enjoy the historic architecture and the charm of the building...



...and its beautiful grounds.



Now THAT is a its youth, it witnessed the Battle of the Alamo!  Oh the stories it could tell....



We can cross this one off our Bucket List (although it wasn't on mine to begin with), as Mama, Emily, and I can now officially say we've been to The Alamo.



The other "must-see" on our San Antonio list was the famed River Walk.



The San Antonio River runs through downtown, and is lined with shops and restaurants.



But first things first. the Lone Star Cafe.  When we travel, we keep our priorities straight!



And one of those priorities is to avoid we did the River Walk in a boat.



Which turned out to be a great idea, since we saw and learned a whole lot more than we ever would had we walked it.



Nesting herons...right in the middle of the city!


A few views from our boat...






A Hispanic Elvis...yep, San Antonio has it all!





And, of course, the obligatory downtown mall.  No, we did not go there.  I hate to shop!



After our River Walk boat tour, we were all tuckered out (riding in a boat down a lazy river is apparently exhausting...) and ready to head back for our afternoon naps before the gang got home from school.



We saw some interesting sights along the way...



I think seeing the Blue Bell ice cream truck made our stomachs growl (apparently riding a boat down a lazy river also makes a person hungry...)...



We stopped by this park on our way back to the parking garage...



...for a snow cone.  Who can resist this cute little concession cart?



As we were sitting there resting,...



...we noticed some interesting activity just across the street, involving a beautiful old hotel, a very cool old pickup, several black limos....



...and some major cameras!  



Emily did some research later, and found out that "The Bachelorette" was filming an episode right there in front of us.


Bachelorette 2015photo borrowed from ABC





I did find a photo of next season's bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, on the San Antonio website...that's what she looks like out of the red truck....


They had her and her man walk down those steps, get into the truck, and drive away...a couple of different times, to get it right.  Fun to watch!



Time to head back to the House ranch after a big day in the big city...

...experiencing The Alamo, the River Walk, and "The Bachelorette."



Terri Chapman

Wonderful memories made!!

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