The Alamo, the River Walk, and "The Bachelorette"

Texas Tidbits


Before I say "So Long" to Texas, just a few more odds and ends to share...



The bluebonnets were just gorgeous while we were there.  They'd had a rainy week before we arrived, and the Texas trademark wildflowers were in their full bluebonnet glory!



If we'd have had more time and Scout hadn't been feeling puny, I would've taken those girls to a patch of bluebonnets for some beautiful photos.  Maybe next time.

Although, as I walked through them myself, I was a little leery that the many snakes they have (several are poisonous) might also be lurking amongst the lovely flowers.  I picked my footsteps carefully....


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Mark lives in what is known as the Texas hill country.  



The terrain is very different from our flatlands of central Indiana.  It may look to be deserted, but there are lots and lots of home nestled amongst those scrubby trees.



Emily and I had a fun little adventure driving some of the backroads nearby, but decided we did not want to get caught in such isolated and unfriendly surroundings when the sun went down, so we cut our adventure short and headed back to Mark's.


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Emily had in mind to buy a pair of authentic cowboy boots as her Texas souvenir. They had plenty...and they are not cheap!



She did find a nice pair...



...and Mark added a few accessories (yes, folks...those are REAL guns!) to make her look like a real cowgirl!


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 During our evening drive in Old Whitey (Mark was quite proud of his artistic framing of me in this photograph!)....



... we met an interesting fella who lives on Mark's road.

George Grams played center on the Purdue basketball team and the now 70-year-old 7-footer was drafted by the LA Lakers in the 1966 NBA draft.  Emily was amused when she looked him up on the internet and his professional status was described as "unrestricted free agent."  Hmmm......


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Apparently, the measles outbreak in California was discussed in Blaise's classroom, as Blaise was obsessed with the "mezels" thing.  I guess largely because she's got lots of cousins in California...



And, apparently this is Emily's cheesy smile...




 Yep, girls...I think you're right....


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Texas drive-thru

When we first arrived in New Braunfels, I ate at Chick-fil-a for the first time ever. (And yes, I loved it!)  As we were eating, Emily snapped this photo of a car going through the drive-through.

Welcome to Texas!


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A great trip...and just what Mama needed after the stressful months she's been through!  What better medicine for any grandma than the hugs and laughter of her grandchildren?!

Wrapping up a terrific Spring Break getaway with some final...

...Texas tidbits.



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