Clean-Up Day at Mama's
Cable's a-Comin'

One Man's Junk is...Still Junk


My dad was a...hmm, shall I say..."collector."

And over the 58 years he and Mama shared their County Line homeplace, Dad "collected" a whole lotta stuff!


Much of which, through the ravages of time, has become junk.  It may have been used or had potential for use over those 58 years, but now a whole lot of it is nothing but junk.  Dad was from the generation who grew up during the Depression years, and kept everything along with salvaging anything he thought he might possibly be able to use someday.



Saturday, despite the rain, several of the family got together at Mama's to begin the clean-up process.



Our goal was to fill up this dumpster with scrap metal.



Emily with one of the many large rusted items....



Kyler, who drove up from Cincinnati, and his cousin Brett, who came from St. Louis to help, looked over the former go-cart frame before pitching it.



Some things, like this old pony cart that my sister Barb is pulling, brought back fond memories from our long-ago childhood days.  Lots of fun hours spent with Beauty trotting us down the County Line in this cart.



Kyler with one of two swing-set frames...



...that he folded down with his bare hands...



...before trashing.  We loved having the young, strong, energetic ones helping us!



Kyler discovered a ripe dead possum inside an iron box.



Barb's husband John with a wheelchair base...where did that come from?!



We hardly even touched the "Gravely Graveyard" at the back of the property. We're hoping someone who collects and restores Gravelys will want to buy some of this stuff.  Apparently there's a market out there for it...if we can ever find those buyers.....



Barb points out a honeybee super that hasn't been used in a few years...a tree is growing up through it!



This is the closest I'll ever be to using a Gravely.



Kim did some tree-cutting with his chainsaw...



He was a good sport about giving up a Saturday to help us!  Love my man!



After we had cleaned up as much of the junk we were able to carry without a tractor, we started in on the honey house.  When Dad has his honeybees back when I was a little girl, the honeyhouse was where he extracted his honey.  Over the past 40 years, it's become a place to store his "collectibles."



Barb's daughter Sarah helped....



...along with her 12-year-old son Austin...



...and fiance Joe.  



A salamander lost his home in the process....



Lots of progress made...



...and our goal of filling the dumpster with scrap metal accomplished.

After lunch, the rain began in earnest and the work crew moved into the big barn for sorting and cleaning.  Kamaron helped with that, although I got no photo of him because I was "working hard" inside watching baby Krew.  But, for the record, he DID help, as did my son Kristoffer and his wife Dana who arrived later but helped with the barn sorting.



Despite the yucky weather and yuckier job, it was a (dare I say it?!) fun day spent with some of my favorite people in the whole world.  

We aren't even close to being finished to cleaning up the homeplace, but we did make a good start.



And we all learned a valuable lesson about how NOT to accumulate stuff.

One man's junk is another man's treausre...still junk.



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