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Krew's Big Announcement


Gramaw spent Tuesday morning with her sweet Krew-man!


Anique 27 weeks with baby2

Mommy Anique is now 27 week pregnant with Krew's first sibling.  Baby and Momma are doing great, but so far Baby has not allowed the doctor to get a good enough peek to determine the gender.

Gramaw doesn't care at all...I love surprises! But Anique and Kamaron would really like to know ahead of time.  Guess they figure there are enough surprises ahead for them as it is.

But so far, no luck in the ultrasound department. Although we do know the baby is healthy and doing well, which is all we really need to know anyway.

The perk for Gramaw is all the extra Krew-time I've been getting!  Handling a busy one-year-old in a doctor's office is a struggle, so I've been staying with Krew during most of her appointments.



He's quite the climber these days and does very well at staying on the first couple of steps.



Quite proud of himself!



He'll soon be 15 months old, but he's not quite gotten brave enough to walk much on his own. But he can sure move with his won't be long till he is running without it!




Krew is very curious and tries to figure out how things work.  He played with this measure for a good 15 minutes.



How I adore this sweet fella!  

And so excited to meet his sweet baby sibling in early August!!!

Krew was pretty excited too (yes he is!) to find out the news and wants to share it with you.  Baby finally let its guard down and the ultra-sound tech got a good view....




We're all super-excited about...

...Krew's big announcement!



Anique Gray

I'm always at ease when you watch our Krew man for me. He loves it too! Thank you :)

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