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Krew's Big Announcement

It's Baseball Season!


I couldn't even begin to count the times I've walked down this path in the Middletown Park.  For YEARS with my own four children, and now we're doing it all over again with the grandchildren.

And I love it!



Karter, now 6 years old and just finishing first grade, moved up to the minor league this year.  It's a whole new level, playing with 2nd- and 3rd-graders!




He is just so adorable in his uniform!  And it's hard to concentrate on baseball when you've got a front tooth that's just about to fall out!



Kristoffer is helping coach Karter's team.  He definitely has more patience than his dad had....



Since Karter's one of the youngest on the team, he's near the bottom of the batting order.


Daddy Kristoffer is rooting him on from first base.  Karter already did something his daddy never did his entire first minor league season...he SWUNG THE BAT! Kristoffer never once swung the bat his entire first season...guess he didn't see the need since he got on base 75% of the time, since the kids pitched and he got walked a lot!



Struck out this time...better luck next time, Karter!  The team was routed by the opposition, so he only got to bat once.



But he spent a lot of time looking cute in left field!



Yep, I'm sure he's ready for the ball!



He did get one ball hit his way during the game.

I have to say, he was definitely more focused than Gramaw was....



At least the kids were somewhat focused on the field...they were a little squirrelly in the dugout...



Of course, the action wasn't all on the baseball field.  Kassie, Kelsey, and Kaden ate plenty of snacks...



The girls have their own gloves and balls, too.  Kassie-girl...



...and wild-woman-Kelsey played their own pitch-and-not-catch on the sidelines.



So much so that Gramaw had to make a new rule that they can't throw the ball at us unless we have a mitt.  Which we didn't....






Kaden grinned his way through the evening!  His own pee-wee season starts next weekend.  This kid just makes me smile!



Friends connect at the baseball park.  It's the social spot in Middletown during the summertime.  Kristoffer saw his high school classmate and friend Russell there last night.  Can it really have been that long since these two were teammates on the sports fields and we were cheering them on? Children really do grow up so fast!



These two will be living at the ball diamonds the next couple of months, 'cause...


Karbb-33's baseball season!



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