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Clean-Up Day at Mama's


Now that is one BIG dumpster beside my little Mama!

Our goal is to have it well on the way to being filled with scrap metal by the end of the day.


Dad was a "collector" (a kind term...) of all things machine-related.  He couldn't stand to get rid of something that "had potential," but he never got around to fixing up 99% of the stuff he collected.

The barns are filled with stuff, and the overflow went into the back lot where it's been rusting away for decades.  Today, our family is getting together to begin to make a dent in the piles before the grass and weeds overtake them again.  Our hope is that the laborious task will be more "fun" when we're all working and laughing together.

Looks like we'll be laughing in the rain.  Unless the forecast is dead wrong (and I'm not discounting that possibility), we're going to be getting wet and muddy. Which will add to the fun, right?

But you gotta do what you gotta do, and this needs to be done.  We've had it planned for weeks and people have rearranged their schedules around it, so onward we go.

If you've a hankerin' for hauling rusty metal in the rain, come on over!

It's clean-up day at Mama's.



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