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It's Baseball Season!

Cable's a-Comin'


We've been eagerly anticipating this for five years now.

The promise of our local telephone company to bring the technology of fiber optic cable out to our area of the country.


We can get rid of that ugly dish and extra DirecTV bill, as well as the considerable hassles of dealing with customer service in a total different part of the country...or even the world.

Save some money by bundling services.

Super-fast internet (I'm super-excited about that!) that should also be much more reliable.

And, if issues arise (and they always do, eventually), call and talk to an ACTUAL English-speaking PERSON just a few miles away to get the issue resolved.  That in itself is a HUGE plus!



So we welcome the minor temporary inconvenience of these trucks and machinery clogging our little country road,....



...because, finally...

....cable's a-comin'!



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