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Savoring a Childhood Moment


Playing Bathing in Gramaw's big copper bathtub is always one of their favorite activities when Kaden and Karter come to stay overnight.



Now that they're "older" (5 and 6 1/2!), they round up their bath toys on their own...borrowing pitchers, colanders, and measuring cups from my kitchen cabinets.  Running down the hallway, they've got their clothes stripped off and the water running before I even get there.  



And as I watched them roll and splash around, pouring water on each other's heads, it struck me that sooner than I am ready for it to happen, they will be "too big" and "too mature" for such child's play.

Children grow up too quickly, don't they?  

So while they still love a fun evening in Gramaw's bathtub, I'll sit back with my cup of coffee and just watch them...

...savoring a childhood moment.




Beautiful bathtub!I'd want to take a bath too--lol!

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