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Saturday Snapshots and Snippets


Good Morning SUNSHINE, and Welcome SPRING!!!  We've been waiting SO LONG for you!!!


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I did not snap this seagull photo near a beach (or even a river!) somewhere.



I took it in a soybean field less than a mile from our cabin.



A small group of gulls somehow found lost their way and were hanging out in some melted snow.  A strange sight to see on our county road....


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I so love this crazy group!  Papaw with 3/4 of the Gray kids from next door...2-year-old twins Kelsey and Kassie, and 5-year-old Kaden.  They make my heart smile!

I've been in kind of a photographic funk/slump since Costa Rica and with all the stress and busyness with my parents.  I haven't taken nearly as many photos as usual...but I plan to get back in the camera groove now that Spring has sprung!

Just a few odds and ends out of my camera from the past few days...

...some Saturday snapshots and snippets!



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