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Update on Dad


The last 4 weeks have been, without a doubt, the hardest of my life.  I've shed more tears, slept fewer hours, and felt a huge heavy weight on my whole being that I just couldn't shake.

But, Prasie God, this morning there seems to be a glimmer of light in the cave of despair where my whole family has been dwelling.  We're trying not to get our hopes up quite yet, but all indications are that Dad will soon leave the "cuckoo's nest" and settle into his new home.


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Rainforest Excursions


For our first evening in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest area, we had scheduled a night walk through the rainforest at (what we realized too late was) a rinky-dink tourist trap. Most animals are active at night, so we were excited to see some cool Costa Rican animals. 

We shouldn't have been so excited.  The best thing this place had going for it was the view...incredible!


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Off to Costa Rica!

Costa rica
(google image)

Although I was always a good student, geography was never one of my strong subjects.  So I have to admit, when Kim suggested we escape to Costa Rica for a winter get-away, I really didn't know exactly where Costa Rica was.

So, to save you the embarrassment of not knowing either (maybe I'm not the only one who doesn't know???), Costa Rica is a small country in Central America.  Nicaragua is to its north and Panama to its south.

A couple of real pluses about vacationing in Costa Rica...besides the obvious one of WARM that it's not very expensive to fly there and it's not very far away (only about 5 hours actual air time).  Kim had seen some travel shows on TV about Costa Rica that planted the idea in his head, and who am I to reject his suggestion that we spend a week in lush, tropical Costa Rica?!


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