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County Line Homestead


Mama came across this aerial photo of our County Line home place, taken in 1973.

I don't remember ever seeing this photo before, but then again in 1973 I was busy with my teenage/high school drama and doubt I paid attention to such things if I had seen it.

Just looking at this photo flooded my heart with wonderful memories!

The old garage...and our station wagon parked outside.  We got that car brand-spanking new before our epic trip to California in 1965.  It had all kinds of new-fangled equipment, including seat belts (wearing was optional), which we had never before seen.

The two huge willow trees inside the circle driveway, where we spent much of our childhood climbing through the branches or playing in their shade.

The old barn, where our ponies and calves found refuge.  And its hay loft, a fun (but not at all SAFE!) place to play.

Dad's trucks, dump trucks and mobile-home-moving trucks, back in the day when he owned the mobile home court.

A big garden, with too many rows of strawberries that we kids hated to pick.




Forty years later, our County Line home place as photographed for Google maps recently.

The gravel County Line Road is now paved, but the same mailbox still waits at the end of the circle driveway.

The huge willow trees are gone, replaced (but certainly not forgotten) by some sturdier, less messy maples. 

The honeyhouse, which was mostly hidden in the older photo, is still there...albeit with a rusty tin roof and a weathered-to-the-point-of-almost-falling-down charm about it.

The old barn replaced by a much smaller version, in addition to the big white metal barn added in back.

The house is basically the same, with a new attached garage and some indoor remodeling over the years.  But our beloved front porch, where we spent hours upon hours of our summer days, is thankfully unchanged.


Bud & Lois House homestead summer 1956

And just for fun, and old times' sake....a photo of the home place right after Dad and Mama purchased it in 1956, before I was even born.

Nearly 60 years of memories of lives lived in our beloved...

....County Line Homestead.




I always envied your front porch, complete with swing :).

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