One Year Ago
Krew is ONE!

Mr. Unsinkable


This cute little boy has a birthday today!

Happy 77th Birthday, Winnie!!!



Funny how ever since I've written "UNSINKABLE," these two who were already part of my family feel even MORE a part of my family.

When I saw today's date on the calendar, I immediately realized that it was 77 years ago that Winnie was born in a wooden rowboat on the crystal turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Yes, if you didn't know that...YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK!!!  You can get it by clicking here.  

Just saw him yesterday, and failed to even give him birthday wishes...




Every day is a gift, and Winnie will be the first to tell you that.  There is no guarantee of tomorrow on this side of eternity.

So...Happy Birthday with lots of LOVE, Mr. Unsinkable!



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