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Great Minds Think Alike


I was almost home yesterday afternoon when I realized I'd forgotten to do a very important errand.

So (after calling Dana and realizing her pantry wasn't well-stocked either on the items I needed...sometimes that works, an advantage of living next-door to them...) I turned the VeraCruz around and headed back into town to hit Kroger.


I knew there was most of a package of ground beefalo in the fridge and I thought a pot of chili sounded quick and easy and delicious for a cold February evening. But I was out of a couple of chili essentials...namely onions and crackers.



As I brought in my grocery sacks, I was surprised to see that Kim was already home.  And it wasn't until I was beginning to unpack my groceries that I noticed the white grocery bags also on the island counter.

Kim had stopped at Meijer on the way home.

Before I even opened the bags I knew.  I just knew.



The contents of my bags...I don't intend to run out of crackers for a few days.

And the bananas were a impulse buy.  I contemplated them before I put them in the cart, wondering if we'd have time to finish them before we leave on vacation in just 10 days.  Yes, I reasoned, I thought we could.



You guessed it.

The contents of Kim's bag.

He told me he thought on the way home he'd be a sweetie and fix supper for us. Chili.

And he threw in a bunch of bananas on a whim because they looked good and he hadn't had any for a couple of weeks.



So...I do believe we are well-stocked on onions, crackers, and yes, even bananas (I see banana pudding on our immediate future...).

Things like this happen often.  

Perhaps it's because we've been together for so long (35 years now)?  Or perhaps it's just that...

...great minds think alike.



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