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Yesterday morning, I took a deep breath, said a prayer, kissed the package (yes I did!), and mailed "UNSINKABLE" to the Powers That Be at Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions.


Even before I wrote the book, many (including me!) have always thought that Winnie's life story would make an incredible movie.  And as I was writing it, I would recreate in my mind's eye the scene I was describing...I could actually see it come to life:  

    The view from Visko's childhood home, nestled against the rugged rocky cliffs, the sunlight sparkling like millions of diamonds across the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea...

    Visko and his cousin-friends kicking stones along the gravel streets of Stikovica, their bare feet brown and dirty, their laughter rippling through the village and up the mountainside...

    Franica, Visko's grief-stricken mother, crumpling into a kitchen chair with despair as she learned of the sinking of the Andrea Doria...

    Visko incredulously standing and staring in the middle of Grand Central Station, a speck of humanity in the midst of the rushing hordes, his heart thumping with thrill and terror...


On and on and on, every scene in between...I totally imagined a movie unfolding with each page I finished.  And so, early on in the writing process, I talked over the movie possibility with Winnie and Judy.

And the three of us decided...what do we have to lose???

If I've learned anything from Winnie's life story, it's to DREAM BIG and NEVER GIVE UP.

So over the past several weeks, I've been communicating with my connections at the Hallmark corporate office in Kansas City (thank you, Kamaron!...I really believe that God put those people in our lives for this very purpose) and even spoke a couple of times to the assistant to the President of Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions.  A good friend of a good friend is very close friends with said president, and hand-delivered "UNSINKABLE" to him recently.  And the president's assistant called me last week with instructions to send the book (well, she actually said "screenplay," but since I don't have a screenplay and have no inkling on how to write one, the actual book will have to do...) and a cover letter and other information to their production studio in Los Angeles.



She didn't have to tell me twice.

So "UNSINKABLE" is off to the big city of dreamers!  I guess I'm a dreamer too, as I know it's a very long shot that our book will be chosen for a movie script.  I'm just hoping that it won't end up in a big pile of books-that-never-even-got-looked-at in some corner of an assistant assistant's office.

But here's what I know for sure:  From the very moment I put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard...but that sure doesn't sound as romantic, does it?!), this book has been totally in God's hands. And I'm sure not about to snatch it out now!  Whoever God wants to see this book will see it, and whatever God has planned for this book will happen.  And I'm at peace with all of that...I just felt compelled to do everything I could from my end.



And so it's off...winging its way from the cornfields of Indiana to the lights/camera/action of Hollywood.

Even a simple country girl like me has times like this when it's time to throw caution to the wind and GO FOR IT, realizing full well that I'm doing exactly what Winnie would do.  I'm...

...dreamin' big.




I had no idea further developments were in place! Why not dream big...way to go Terry :)

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