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Beautiful Birthday Girl


Mama's birthday was yesterday.

I won't say how old she is on the world-wide web...but next year will be a very BIG birthday for her! And since I'm 57 and she wasn't a teen do the math!



Things have not been easy for Mama the past year, and even earlier than that.  As one of Dad's doctors told her, it's as if someone ripped the script she thought her life would take out of her hands and replaced it with a very different script she didn't sign up for.

Dealing with a husband that she loves with all her heart as he struggles with Alzheimer's is not for the faint-hearted.  But Mama is anything but faint-hearted, and as her world crumbles daily right in front of her eyes, she smiles through the pain and keeps on keeping on.



I love her so!  And someday, I can only hope to become the woman of God that she is.



So glad I got to celebrate your special day with you,...

...Beautiful Birthday Girl!



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