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Captain Kangaroo

Captain Kangarooimage from google

I grew up with this man, spending practically every morning of my life with him before I started school.  He and his friends taught me much about the world back in the day, when our television viewing was limited to three (maybe four, depending on the weather) channels of black and white shows with very few of them, besides cartoons, that were made for children.

Good old Captain Kangaroo.


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Dhow Sunset Sail


Following up on yesterday's tale...we traded the stifling heat of Stonetown for the sweltering breezes off the Indian Ocean, as we traveled to the northernmost tip of Zanzibar.  We also traded the ancient sheik's palace for a more modern resort which actually had AIR-CONDITIONING via generator for 12 hours every night. Paradise!  At least we got relief when we were sleeping.


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