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Our First Interview

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Winnie and Judy and I have been having a blast sharing our book with the "masses."

Okay..."masses" may be overstating it a bit, but hey...we dream big!


We've had several book signings already, and a couple more in the next few days:

        Saturday, January 24    noon-2 pm, Middletown (Indiana) Public Library

        Tuesday, January 27      6 - 7:30 pm., New Castle (Indiana) Public Library



If you don't have your own signed copy of "UNSINKABLE", come on out and spend a few minutes with us!  We'll be speaking for a few minutes at the beginning of each signing and then selling/signing books afterwards.

But I digress....

Donna cronk
photo from Donna Cronk

My new friend, fellow-writer Donna Cronk who writes and is an editor for the Courier-Times newspaper in New Castle, Indiana, came by the cabin last week to interview Winnie and me.

Donna, in a strange sequence of events, was actually one of the catalysts to my writing Winnie's story. She published her own first book, Sweetland of Liberty, just last year and I had heard her speak of her author experience at a meeting of a social literary club of which I am a member.

At that time, I had NO DESIRE AT ALL to write a book!  It wasn't even vaguely on my radar. But in retrospect, I believe Donna planted the seed in my mind last May, because just 3 short months later I was immersed in the writing of my own book! 

Anyway, if you haven't read Donna's book, you should definitely check it out on Amazon!

Donna's interview with Winnie and me will be published in the Neighbors section of this Sunday, January 25th's Courier-Times.  It was a fun afternoon, and especially so since Donna can personally relate to our experience of writing, marketing, and sharing our labor of love with others.

Thanks, Donna, for doing...

...our first interview.



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