Young Old Friends

Mama's Memories: Tarheel to Hoosier


60 years.  60 YEARS!!!  Wow...

It was 60 years ago today that Mama and Dad stood beside each other at the altar of the little North Carolina Methodist church, said their "I do"s, and started their life together.



Mama said good-bye to her family and excitedly climbed into the car beside Dad to make the long drive to Indiana and the new home Dad had prepared for the two of them.

They've had a wonderful 60 years together, but due to Dad's Alzheimer's we honored her wishes not to have a big public celebration with a lot of people Dad doesn't remember.  So today they're having their own low-key celebration, thinking about 60 years as husband and wife.

I thought it fitting on this special day in our family to share this video I made of Mama a few years ago, telling about those days 60 years ago as she transitioned from Tarheel to Hoosier...




Happy 60th Anniversary!  LOVE YOU!!!




Such a beautiful example of a loving marriage designed by God. Blessings and Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!

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