Sixty-Year Milestone
First Game

Eleven Months Old


Sweet little Krew is now 11 months old.



Crawling, pulling up, banging, exploring, gurgling, dancing, charming...our baby boy is busy learning and growing these days.



Krew doles out big smiles sparingly...usually only for his mommy and daddy.  So when Gramaw gets this sweet little smirky-smile, I feel the love!



I love their old home in the historic section of town, especially the charming touches like the old floor registers.  Krew likes to feel the warm air blowing was one of his Gramaw's simple childhood pleasures too!



Be careful, sweet might get your chubby little finger stuck...


And he did.  But thankfully, after a few pulls and grunts while Gramaw snapped a quick photo, I was able to squeeze his finger back out.



I'm thrilled to get to babysit with him once in awhile!  And I can always count on his airplane to entertain him...he loves it and definitely knows how to make it work.



Time has passed so quickly!  Has it really been almost a year since we waited out snowstorms and bitter cold temperatures for his arrival?



So hard to believe our baby Krew is already...

...eleven months old.




Beautiful photos Gramaw! I know he loves the special time he gets with you too!!!

Terri Chapman

He is such a sweetie, so glad I got to see him yesterday!

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