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Captain Kangaroo

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I grew up with this man, spending practically every morning of my life with him before I started school.  He and his friends taught me much about the world back in the day, when our television viewing was limited to three (maybe four, depending on the weather) channels of black and white shows with very few of them, besides cartoons, that were made for children.

Good old Captain Kangaroo.


Captain Kangaroo Show

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Can anyone else name the main characters of the show?

Dancing Bear...Mr. Moose...Mr. Green Jeans...Bunny Rabbit...all joining Captain Kangaroo for a daily show of antics and fun.

An episode with Mr. Moose always involved the dumping of a bucket of ping pong balls on the Captain.  So predictable, and yet I thought it was so funny EVERY SINGLE TIME.


Sesame Street 1985

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My children grew up with Sesame Street.  They were all reading before they started school, much of which I attribute to the constant repetition of Sesame Street.  

Sesame Street is still on today, but it's gotten so ridiculously far-left/politically-correct that I can't stand to watch it anymore.  Who wants a Cookie Monster who doesn't gobble down as many cookies as he can get his paws on???  Today's Cookie Monster only eats one or two, calling cookies a "sometimes treat."  What kind of Cookie Monster is that???!!!


Wonderpets Peppa-v2-poster-images-300x445 Team-Umizoomi-Math

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And my grandchildren are growing up with Wonder Pets, Peppa Pig, and Team Umizoomi.

Right now on our dvr we have 47 episodes of Wonder Pets, 32 of Peppa Pig, and 19 Umizoomis recorded for their viewing pleasure when they visit.



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Yes, times have changed a lot.  Children's programming is much different today than it was 50 years ago, when we just had a few cartoons and our beloved...

...Captain Kangaroo.



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