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Afternoon with Krew


Krew was one very happy boy when Kim and I watched him for awhile one afternoon this week.



With his first birthday less than two weeks away, Krew is so much fun these days!


Krew-18 Krew-19

He thought he was pretty sneaky "hiding" behind the dining room table.  Look at that look!



Poor little guy is trying to get two new teeth through the gums.  It's painful being a baby...



Now if that's not two peas in a Grayman pod....



Krew loves his Papaw Kim...and Papaw Kim adores his Krewman!  Kim worked with him on using his walker.



Papaw does some funny stuff!  Someday I need to videotape the antics of Papaw behind these scenes...



Krew LOOKED tired, he ACTED tired, it was his normal nap time...but he just wasn't having the nap idea that day.  He rolled around, talked to himself, and generally played in his crib for an hour before Gramaw gave in and let him get up.

I understand.  Why would Krew want to waste time with Gramaw and Papaw by taking a nap???



This may be part of the reason he wasn't sleeping.  The entire city block was shut down for a house fire on their street.  Five big firetrucks and several other fire department and police vehicles filled the street where they live.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but the home three houses down from theirs was destroyed.



Watching the firetrucks out the window provided quite a lot of entertainment for Krew...



The only time he cried all day was when Gramaw took something away from him.  He had a solid, strong grip on it and I had to pry it out of his fingers...he was MAD at me!  Hmmm...I do think I've seen that look on his daddy's face a few times over the years......



Krew loves his fruit, and he's got a great technique for picking up those little pieces to pop in his mouth.



Rake and pinch...the boy's got that down!



It made our whole week brighter, just spending... afternoon with Krew.



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