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Saturday Snapshots and Snippets

Two More Old Photos


Another treasure from Mama and Dad's stash...


My grandparents Clyde and Hazel House, with four of their children...Fred, Fredette, my Dad Buddy, and Raellen.

I'm guessing the date as about 1936, judging by Dad's approximate age in the photo.

He was (and still is!) the orneriest fella....

And look at Grandpa House's hair!  I only remember him as almost completely bald...



In this one, Dad is the young man holding the dog.

Behind him, my Great-Grandparents Mary and Albert House.  Mary is holding probably-squirmy young Uncle Jerry (my dad's brother) and Aunt Caralou (Dad's sister) is behind the dog.  His other two sisters, Fredette and Raellen, are in the back row with some other relatives I don't know.

Circa 1948...

I just love looking at these snippets of my family's life, long before I was ever born.

Family treasures, they are...

...two more old photos.



Kennetha Watts

I'll see if Mom remembers who else is in the picture #2. She was old enough to maybe know/remember. Thanks for sharing!


Pictures are priceless! Thanks for always sharing.

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