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A Porchful of Houses


I came across this copy of an old photo while Mama and I were cleaning at her house.


My eyes immediately went to the big woman, second from the left, with a stern look on her face.  I told Mama, "Now SHE was a force to be reckoned with."

That woman was my paternal great-grandmother, Mary Angelina Lackey House. And the man to the left of her in the photo, wearing the tie, is her husband and my great-grandfather, Albert House.

I never knew either one of them.  As far as I know, they were both gone by the time I was born.

But I have a feeling Grandma Mary would've scared the living daylights outta me!  Kim says that's what I look like when I get mad...lovely...(I suggest y'all don't make me mad!)...

Kim also says Grandpa Albert looked like a whipped man.  I have to agree... 

Gosh, I just wonder what they were really like....



In the back row, the first fellow is their son and my Grandpa Clyde House.  My Grandma Hazel House is standing right behind her mother-in-law Mary...Grandma was a short lady.

And then those children on the front row?  That's my Daddy, Bud House with his hands like a table in front of his face (I'm guessing to block out the bright sun) with his siblings...Fred, Raellen, baby Caralou, and Fredette.

My best guess is this photo was around the year 1940, taken on the porch of the house where Daddy grew up just a few miles south of where Mama and Dad live now.

From back, left to right:  Clyde House, Ruby House, Effie House, Hazel House, Maynard House, Toby House, Faye House, Harvey House

Albert House, Mary House, Bessie House, Keith House, Wilbur House

Fred House, Raellen House, Caralou House, Bud House, Fredette House


Now THAT'S...

...a porchful of Houses!



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