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Lacy Legacy

After seeing the gorgeous Queen Anne's lace at Gabe and Nikki's wedding, I had a hankerin' to cut myself a bouquet from the nearby roadsides.  I just love it...I even used some at my own August wedding 34 years ago!

A few years ago, I made this stab at writing an original poem about this loveliest of "weeds," which I share with you today.



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Once upon a time, in a faraway land
Dwelt a sweet, fair princess, a girl named Anne.

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Gnwed-32I've been to LOTS of wedding and receptions in my life, but last week's event takes the cake!

(Which, I might add, was as delicious as it was beautiful... created by my very energetic and talented cousin, Gail...)

We all THOUGHT the plan was this:  since they were going to be married in a very small affair in Florida, Gabe and Nikki threw a pre-wedding celebration for their many friends and family here before heading to the airport. 

They even put an engagement notice in the local newspaper sharing those plans with the world.

Gabe and Nikki fooled EVERYONE!


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Patriotic Peeps


I'm BACK!!!  And what a great time we had!!!

And this morning I've (with the help of my daughters) got 5 bushels of corn to cook, cut, and freeze.

Welcome. Home.

As I sort through the hundreds of photos I took on vacation, here are a few shots from our 4th of July celebration that I never got around to sharing with you before we headed south.


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