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Brittian Britt Branch


Mama (Lois Britt House) met her distant cousin Ron Britt for the first time last week.

Mama and Ron share the same great-great-grandfather, Brittian Britt, who was born was back in 1788 in Moore County, North Carolina.



Ron and his wife Judy live near Cincinnati now, but grew up in Kansas where that branch of the family tree rooted after leaving the devastated South following the Civil War and heading west in their covered wagons.

Ron, we learned, has volumes and volumes of family history that he has researched and catalogued over the years.  It doesn't take long to become intrigued with his many fascinating stories of our Britt ancestry.



Our friend Earl, visiting from North Carolina, brought Ron and Judy for a short visit last week.  Earl was the long-time companion of my Aunt Ruth, who passed away just one year ago.  He brought his new friend Verla to visit, and it was nice to meet her and renew our friendship with Earl...



...and meet our distant cousin Ron.

Brittian Britt (not to be confused with his son Brittian D. Britt, who was Mama's great-granddaddy) was my great-great-great-grandfather.

I can only imagine the confusion of the family and community with all the Britt Britts around!



As has become our custom over the time we've known Earl, he always takes us out for ice cream and we're certainly not ones to break that tradition any time soon!

What had a lovely summer afternoon, renewing old acquaintances, making new friends,  and meeting distant relatives from...

...the Brittian Britt Branch. 



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