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Saturday Snapshots and Snippets


I just finished up the shortest and longest, the most exhausting and exhilarating, the most intense and incredible, the most fun and and work-filled week of the year.

Vacation Bible School.



My children went to VBS and I always helped, but when they were too old VBS kind of trickled out.  No one really had the passion to be the Director and get things organized, so for 3 or 4 years there was no VBS at our church.

But when my youngest graduated from high school, I found myself with lots more time (where did all that time go???!!!) and God had placed in my heart a desire to revive Bible School.  That was 2007, and here I am 7 years later just having finished as Director of my 8th VBS.

Of course, I certainly didn't do it alone...I've got an amazing team of volunteers who really make it happen.  I just get the ball rolling their way. What a satisfying ministry it is, and I'm so thrilled my grandchildren get to experience what was one of the highlights of my summers as a child and my children's summers not-that-long-ago.

But man, oh man, is this girl ever tuckered out....


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Teetor Falls in my hometown of Hagerstown, Indiana.

Kim's Grandpa Fuson worked for the wealthy Teetor family when he was a young man, way back in the 1920s, and he helped build this falls.  Kim remembers Grandpa Fuson complaining about how foolish he thought Mr. Teetor was, calling him out of the fields to "mess around in the crick."  

Those crops he was tending are long-since forgotten, but Teetor Falls remains one of the landmarks in Hagerstown...


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"We" ended up hatching 7 baby peacocks out of the 15 eggs.  A few of the other eggs were rotten, and a couple had babies that for some reason or other weren't able to hatch.  Kim peeled one out of the shell, but as has always been his experience the chick didn't last long.

Since then, one baby has died but the others are robust and running around.  

Six more peacocks...exactly what we don't need.....


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In an effort to mix things up a bit in the breakfast beverage category, I bought some new juice last week.



I should have read the label a little more closely.  It explains why it was advertised as "1 serving of fruit + 1 serving of vegetable."



#1 ingredient?

"Reconstituted clarified sweet potato juice."

Now, I ask you, how much juice can you squeeze out of a sweet potato???

It tasted "okay" and we drank both bottles, but I doubt I'll be buying it again...


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Kim has one of the nicest gardens you'll ever want to see.  The man is meticulous when it comes to gardening.

I enjoy the fresh produce, but when I see this, all I see are the HOURS I'll be spending canning and freezing the next couple of months...


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An old friend from North Carolina stopped by for a visit this week and left me this candy bar.

His grandson just became a first-time father to identical triplet girls!  Each weighing around 3 pounds at birth, they are still in the hospital but doing fine despite being so tiny.

Mama and Daddy better rest up now...I can't even imagine when they will get a full night's sleep in after those sweet girls come home...


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Kids and water...the eternal fascination.  

My grandchildren love trying to touch the fish.  Or so they claim...

Stay cool and have a wonderful weekend!



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