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Newborn No Longer

Krew-19This is why you've gotta get those newborn pictures taken right away.

Newborns don't stay tiny very long.

Our grandson Krew is GROWING so fast!  At 2 1/2 months old already (my, that time sure flew by!), he's become an expressive baby with lots of personality.

And he's just stinkin' adorable too!!!

Every time we see Krew, we can hardly believe how he's changing every day, right before our very eyes.  At his 2-month check-up he weighed 13 lbs. 8 oz. (86%ile) and his height at 25+ inches is off the chart.  Our baby boy has been busy GROWING!



Isn't he beautiful???  (At what point does one quit calling a baby boy "beautiful"?... NEVER, when he's my grandson!)

He's also been busy learning about his world and reacting to it with the cutest expressions!


Krewsqcrop-1 Krewsqcrop-2

Krewsqcrop-4 Krewsqcrop-3

When babies start smiling and cooing when I talk to them, it just melts my heart!


Krewsqcrop-6-2 Krewsqcrop-5-2

Krewsqcrop-8-2 Krewsqcrop-7-2


I could look at that sweet, sweet face all day long!  Again, I repeat, isn't he BEAUTIFUL???!!!



Of course, he also has other faces that are equally adorable but not so much fun to look at...but we won't go there...


Krew-26Anique has taken on her new role as mommy incredibly well!  I think she was born to be a mother.  She is a wonderful mommy and absolutely ADORES her precious little Krew, and no one knows his little expressions and quirks better than she.  I'm so glad she decided to stay home with him and spend these fleeting days watching him grow and change right before her very eyes.

But even she is amazed at how fast her tiny baby is growing into a little boy. 

Our darling baby Krewman is definitely...

...a newborn no longer.



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