One Month Old

Easter Snapshots and Snippets


It's EXHAUSTING to be so beautiful!!!

Kassie and Kelsey fell asleep on the less-than-5-minute ride from church to our cabin...



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And they were...so beautiful!  Kristoffer and Dana's family on Easter morning were ALL beautiful!  And handsome!...


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My husband has spent hours upon hours at our church, beautifying the grounds.  Easter Sunday the daffodil-filled cross was in its glory...absolutely spectacular!  Perfect timing (as always!), God! 


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Kristoffer brought these 4 little ducklings to the church Easter Egg hunt for the children to enjoy.

Despite being petted mauled, handled  dropped, and held squeezed, all four babies are doing just fine and growing up with our baby chicks.  

Those are 4 tough little quackers...


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Karter and Kaden with their friend Rosco on Easter morning.

I'd love to know what that conversation was all about....


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Krew, you are SO ADORABLE!!!  I can't believe he's going to be 3 months old just one week from today.

Time for another photo shoot....  :)


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Now THAT should start your Saturday off with a SMILE!

Hope it's a great weekend for y'all!



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