How Does She DO That???!!!
Snow Baby

Pirate Papaw


I was shocked when Mama called to tell me that Dad needed surgery to remove cataracts in both of his eyes.

Just this winter, I was visiting with him sitting in his recliner as he suddenly stopped talking and looked past me out the window, through tree branches and across snowy fields, then wondered aloud why that red semi was going so slow in the westbound lane of highway 38 a half a mile away.

I couldn't believe there was anything wrong with his eyesight.  My 82-year-old father could see better than me!



But apparently he had cataracts in both eyes, so this week he had back-to-back days of surgery in Indianapolis to remove them.


EyespecialistsindianaThe eye center itself is a neat old refurbished funeral home near downtown Indy.  Elegant and beautiful inside, I think its non- clinical feel makes everyone a little less nervous about having someone cutting into their eyeballs.

Because of Dad's memory loss and difficulty hearing, Mama and I were able to go into surgery with him and watch the procedures...


not Dad's eye...borrowed this from Google images

...which totally fascinated me!  The surgeon did his work looking through a microscope, and we watched it all on a wall monitor.  Bloodless and painless, but a very steady hand is a necessity for sure!



I told him he looked like a pirate.  Karter and Kaden thought that was pretty funny too!



The right eye on Tuesday, the left eye yesterday, and now he's cataract-free.  He was wonderfully cooperative and did very well with the surgeries.

It'll take a few days for everything to heal and for his vision to be clear.  If I thought he had great eyesight before, it'll be astonishing what he can see now!

But for a few days, the grandkids thought it was funny to have...

...a pirate Papaw.



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